Multiple Layers Of Jelly

这就是我的失败Multiple Layer Of Jelly。这么简单和会失败。
Multiple Layers of Jelly (Recipe From: Nasi Lemak Lover)
-tray size 30cm x 30cm
-makes 5 layers
(printable recipe)

1.8 litres water
400g sugar
25g jelly powder or agar-agar powder (Mermaid brand, from Thailand)
100ml coconut milk or Evaporated creamy
Food colouring-purple, red, yellow or your preference

1. Add jelly powder, sugar and water in a pot, use a hand whisk to stir till mix well.
2. Bring the pot to medium flame, stirring occasionally till jelly cooked and thickens.
3. Scoop up 400ml of cooked jelly in a separate bowl, add the food colouring.
4. Pour the colour cooked jelly over the prepared tray.
5. Leave it to set and turned slightly harden (take less than 5mins).
6. Scoop up another 400ml of cooked jelly, add 2tbsp coconut milk, slowly pour over colour layer of jelly.
7. Repeat step 4, 5 and 6 with difference food colouring and coconut milk, until all cooked jelly is used up.
8. Chill in fridge before serving.


  1. 有時候,越簡單的事情,越難做呢!

    1. 我也是这么认为!!