Orea Mini Cheese Cake

 今天弄好事情后,头痛就在家里休息。下午就没有去做工了。结果在家闲着,弄了Oreo Mini Cheese Cake 来吃。弄好后,带去妈妈给妈妈品尝。妈妈觉得很好吃。口感很滑~~

~~谢谢Wendy & Anncoo Journal 的分享~~
Original recipe source from Wendy & Anncoo Journal)

Ingredients: makes 12
250g - Cream cheese
150g - Whipping cream
1 tsp - Vanilla extract
2 Eggs - (70g each), separated
A pinch of cream of tartar
60g - Sugar
1 tube of Oreo (137g)

1. Separate Oreos, leaving 12 pcs without cream intact and round. Put the rest of the 
    biscuits together with the filling into a food processor and pulse in fine.

2. Remember to preheat your oven (150C) and boil water after this.

3. Line big muffin tin (100ml capacity each) with 12 paper cups. Place 1 heaped teaspoon 
    of oreo crumbs onto paper cups and  lightly press the crumbs to flatten with a
    mini roller pin. (see pictures)

4. Cream cream cheese  and 30g sugar on low speed until smooth, put in whipping cream, 
    vanilla extract and egg yolks and continue to beat on low speed for another
    minute until well combined. Transfer cream mixtures to a large bowl and set aside.

5. Whisk egg whites until frothy, add in cream of tartar continue to beat until soft 
    peaks. Add in 30g sugar and beat till stiff (as long as egg whites don't fall when 
    overturned, it will be fine, no need to be pointy stiff).
6. Fold in egg whites to cream cheese mixtures with a rubber spatula.
7. Spoon cream cheese mixtures into prepared paper cups. Top with an oreo biscuit.
8. Bake for 20 minutes in a water bath.
9. Leave to cool in oven, door ajar. Cool completely before chilling.
10. Best chilled for 3 hours or more before serving.


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